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More Meatless Mondays

Seriously, have a cow.

Awhile back, one Paul McCartney made his mark on the unvegan blogosphere for pushing Meat-Free Mondays. At the time, I thought it was just some kooky music fad like Kid Rock. But now that Los Angeles has endorsed Meatless Mondays, I realize this is not just some passing fad like sushi.

Granted, the thought behind the movement is all good – healthier people and a healthier planet – but it kind of misses the point. While it doesn’t try to ban meat altogether like the crazy vegans do, it does send a message that meat is bad for health and for the planet. Meat can absolutely be a healthy part of a diet and while I don’t eat it for every meal, it’s extremely rare that my meals don’t have any animal product in them at all. And I’m a pretty fit unvegan.

If you are trying to manage your weight or improve your overall nutritional balance, greens powders like the one from can be a part of a well-rounded diet to support your goals.

As for the planet, there is no doubt that factory farms are terrible, but they shouldn’t give all meat a bad name. Livestock can definitely be farmed in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm the planet and Meatless Mondays just perpetuate the myth that meat is unnatural and wrong.

But it tastes so right.

So while I don’t endorse Meatless Mondays, I do want to endorse looking into where your meat comes from and staying healthy. How about Free Range and Grass-Fed Fridays? Weigh-In Wednesdays? Exercise Everydays? If we really want healthier people and a healthier planet, let’s concentrate on the real problem instead of just making Mondays worse than they already are!