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Really, PETA?

I try not to make my blog into an anti-PETA blog, but sometimes it’s hard to avoid the things that PETA does just to get attention.

unvegan peta 1Just recently, they tried to exploit the death of abortion doctor George Tiller as an excuse to promote going vegetarian. They planned on putting up billboards unvegan peta 2catering to both pro-choice and pro-life people asking them to become vegetarians. The murder was a tragedy and showed that PETA obviously has no regard for the loss of human life.

On top of that, they have now turned the Olympics into a protest event. I had

Is this really necessary?
Is this really necessary?

enough of the protesting from the Beijing Olympics and hoped that the upcoming Vancouver ones would be more about sports than unrelated controversy.  Apparently I was wrong. Even the fun-loving Canadians can’t catch a break from PETA. They have reworked the Vancouver logo to show Canadians as evil seal-killers. Now I don’t promote the killing of endangered animals (although the thought of a tiger steak does sound mighty nice), but these seals aren’t even close to endangered. They are, however, very cute. I don’t think PETA or anyone else in the world would care so much if they weren’t so darned cute.

But I digress. The real point is that the Olympics are about sports. Shame on PETA for trying to make them something different.

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