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Right next to perhaps my favorite restaurant in Pasadena (The Luggage Room) and owned by the same people is a spot called La Grande Orange. The menu is very American, French and Mexican, being filled with sandwiches, tacos and, most importantly, a Prime Rib French dip (you know, the most French food of all).

Yet, before we could eat anything else, we began with the Deviled Eggs. We went with the option bacon because you would have to be stupid not to and they came out looking like a beauty. Or, more precisely, six beauties. There’s really not much more than can be said for these deviled eggs except that they just perfectly executed. Nothing flashy, but if you’re going with a classic it should be done like this.

Medium and oh so rare.
Medium and oh so rare.

As for the Prime Rib French Dip, it was just about the sexiest sandwich you’ve ever seen. The prime rib was so perfectly medium rare and on one delicious baguette that had learned a thing or two about how to be crunchy, moist and fluffy at the same time. The au jus added a nice element of moisture, fat and salt to round the whole thing out. The fries weren’t too shabby either.

La Grande Orange knows exactly what a French Dip (and Devilied Eggs for that matter) should be. Nothing groundbreaking here in terms of creativity, but perfect execution seems to be the norm.