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Neither pink nor taco.

The name Pink Taco is something of a shock. You’d think you were walking into a strip club or something, but lo and behold, you end up walking into a restaurant. The Pink Taco in LA is at the Century City mall and although it’s not part of their glorious food court, it was still a place worth checking out. As you would expect, once you realize Pink Taco is actually a restaurant, the place serves up Mexican food in a trendy way.

After a long look at the menu and even more thinking, I finally made my decision: the Suiza Chicken Torta. At only 10 bucks, it looked like one of the best values on the menu. This torta came with chicken, pinto beans, onion, cilantro, melted cheese and avocado. It also came with sweet potato fries on the side. I ordered mine without onions and when it came out it looked delicious. The bun was shiny and looked like something I would have loved on a burger. In addition to the ingredients above, I also saw that it was doused in some salsa verde. Then I ate.

Just lay off the avocado a little bit.

This was one tasty torta. The bun was soft and tasty, but wasn’t especially great at keeping ingredients inside. This wasn’t so bad, as I could just play cleanup with my fork, but the messiness is definitely something to plan for. The salsa verde added some nice flavor and although the avocado was a great addition, there was so much of it that it overpowered the chicken. The chicken itself was good, but kind of took a backseat to the rest of the torta. This wasn’t a bad thing, considering all the good ingredients, but it wouldn’t have hurt to get some more chicken. Finally, there were the sweet potato fries. Although I always prefer to eat regular fries, these weren’t too shabby.

So in the end, I was pretty happy with the torta. It didn’t break the bank and tasted quite nice. The only trouble I had was that the whole time I was eating, I had the feeling that I could have had something better for cheaper at a little corner Mexican hole in the wall. There wouldn’t have been the same atmosphere, which is what you really pay extra for at Pink Taco, and every once in a while it’s nice to get some atmosphere.

So if you like Mexican food and atmosphere, Pink Taco isn’t too shabby. It may be a little pricier, but sometimes that’s a good thing.