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No slaw here.
No slaw here.

Usually when a restaurant name includes something that I hate very much, I go into that restaurant expecting the worst. Yet, while I have never had any need for slaw, I somehow knew that The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena was going to be an experience to remember. Sure, there were all sorts of options that made my mouth water, but it was the throwback to Oki Dog that really got me excited.

You see, the Oki Dog tries to take all that is good about hot dog toppings and wraps it in a tortilla. It’s not pretty, but it gets the job done. Well, The Slaw Dogs calls its version the TNT Super Dog. It consists of a jumbo hot dog, pastrami, cheddar, fries, chili grilled onions and a fried egg wrapped in a tortilla. It’s essentially a burrito filled with America and it is wonderful. Of course, I ordered without the onions, but I didn’t look back. Each bite was both devastating and delicious – a true unvegan masterpiece. At times things got a bit salty, but there was usually a bit of egg or fries to help temper the load.

The TNT Super Dog is not for the faint of heart. In fact, while I am so happy to have had it once, I wouldn’t recommend it for those with a strong heart either more than a couple times per…life. Nonetheless, it is an upgrade from the Oki Dog and shows just how much good stuff can fit in one tortilla.