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Housing Some Dog Haus

Stray dogs.
Stray dogs.

Around the LA area and the surrounding region is a small group of hot dog spots called Dog Haus. Despite the fact that this seems to portray some sort of Germanic hot dog spot, it’s really just a place for some creative hot dogs and burgers. And while the burgers were actually looking mighty fine, I just had to stick with the hot dog part of the menu.

Thus, I asked if The Fonz (hot Italian sausage, pastrami and mozzarella) or Grand Slam (all-beef skinless dog, bacon, fried egg, tater tots and maple syrup/sriracha) would be a better choice. Shockingly, I was told The Fonz and proceeded to order it.


While the hot dogs my friends ordered seemed to be things of beauty, mine could only be described as lumpy, but awesome-looking. All were served on King’s Hawaiian rolls, which have been grilled and are certainly a nice touch. An even nicer touch was that The Fonz was actually really delicious. This was mostly due to the really good pastrami, but also the delicate balance of hot sausage, sweet bun and just the right amount of mozzarella.

Suffice to say, I was very pleased with both Arthur Fonzarelli and Dog Haus. The two combined to make a great hot dog and, in the end, a better world.