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Best cone ever.
Best cone ever.

For my last night in Puerto Rico, I wanted to eat something that would leave a lasting impression on my stomach. Thus, I put out a search for the best mofongo in Rincon. This pointed us to a pretty fancy place that only seemed to be for tourists, but it also pointed us to Rincon Tropical, a place that seemed much more local.

While there was a relatively sizable menu, I only had eyes for Mofongo Relleno Pollo (mofongo stuffed with chicken) and put in my order. When it arrived, it was nothing like I had expected, being served in a sort of mashed plantain cone instead of any other way I’d had it before. Yet, while it was different, it was still quite tasty. The chicken and the tomato-ey sauce it was served in was flavorful and perhaps a little too salty, but when combined with the plantains it was in pretty perfect balance. The chicken itself wasn’t the best I’d ever had, but I was still happy that this would be my last dinner in Puerto Rico. If I had the chance again, I’m sure I would make the jump on this over a fancy substitute any other time.