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Burrito perfecto.
Burrito perfecto.

As we made our way across the entire island of Puerto Rico toward Rincon, we realized we would be arriving a bit later (because the island is filled with “highways” with stoplights every mile or so) than normal dinner time on a Sunday. This was concerning because we needed food and thought we might have trouble finding a place. Fortunately, La ┬áCambija was open until 9:00 and we arrived at 8:30.

La Cambija has a very beachy vibe, which basically aligns with the rest of Rincon. The wait staff was awesome, and while I am not usually a fish guy, I felt weirdly compelled to order some when our waiter talked us through the fish that was available that day. Thus, I ended up ordering a fish burrito and chose red snapper as my fish. The burrito came filled with the fish, cheese, cilantro, lettuce and tomato, but I ordered without those last two. It also came with a delicious aioli for dipping. This was a really impressive burrito with fresh and perfectly cooked fish all in a pretty petite package for a burrito. We also got a bit of their home made pique (hot sauce) and it made everything better.


On top of the burrito, we split two of their empanadillas. One was conch and the other was lobster. Neither of these were really impressive in any way. They didn’t taste nearly as fresh as the snapper and were both a bit rubbery, with the lobster just being a little better than the conch, but the dough being the best part of both. It’s possible that these are better earlier in the day, but I’d just stick with the fish tacos or burritos.

And if you do decide to go with those tacos or burritos, there’s very little chance you’ll leave La Cambija disappointed.