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This looks umm okay.
This looks umm okay.

The fast food restaurants of the world have taken some remarkable paths. McDonald’s and Subway have infiltrated nearly every corner of the globe. Taco Bell has brought “Mexican” food across the United States and places like In-N-Out have garnered cult followings while remaining tied down to a specific region. There is a reason that people on the East Coast have heard of In-N-Out and a reason why people in the Northeast heard of Chick-fil-a before its expansion. Likewise, there is a reason I had ever heard of TacoTime.

The reason is because it is just not special. Granted, I can only judge based on my experience in Klamath Falls, Oregon, but I must say I didn’t feel like I needed to go out and see what else TacoTime had to offer. For my part, they were having a 4 items for 5 bucks promotion and I ordered three different “burritos” and some tots because they seemed Mexican enough. Two of the burritos were crisp and the other flaccid, filled with such things as pinto beans, cheese and ground beef. To be perfectly honest, I saw very little difference between these and the taquitos served up at 7-11. You can decide if that is a good or a bad thing, but it was certainly not a great thing.

What was a great thing, though, was getting full and under budget. TacoTime did both of those things, yet I would say anyone looking to get a taste of Mexico in Oregon would do best to keep on driving.