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A Waffle Sandwich at Bruxie

Yes, that is a sandwich.
Yes, that is a sandwich.

While chicken and waffles are just about the most confusingly delicious combination of food. But there hasn’t been a lot of innovation in that dish for very long. Well, at least not until Bruxie came along, offering waffles as sandwiches. There are a number of options within the chicken category and plenty outside of it as well. I opted for what seemed to be their newest creation: Nashville Hot Chicken.

Admittedly, I had never had Nashville Hot Chicken before. And admittedly, having ordered without the pickles and cole slaw, there wasn’t much left in the waffle except for some sort of mayo-based sauce and the spicy chicken. I also ordered the waffle fries because they seemed necessary.

Conceptually, I loved the sandwich. The waffle was just a hint sweet, which was all you could really want for a sandwich like this. The chicken, though, was nice and juicy, but lacking in flavor. I don’t know if this means I am not a fan of Nashville Hot Chicken or just not a fan of Buxie’s version of it. Either way, I was left wish I had ordered the Buffalo Chicken instead. And with that disappointment came the desire to go back soon. Like very soon.

Oh, and the waffle fries were good, but I mean aren’t they always.

So, like I said, while I wouldn’t go back for the hot chicken, I would happily return to Bruxie any day.