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Oh Arizona.

Remember playing Cowboys and Indians as a kid? Thankfully, there is a place in the world where that fantasyland still exists. It’s called Arizona, and while not everyone runs around with a gun loaded with 223 ammo, there are places you could picture saddling up a horse just as easily as stopping by in a hybrid. One such place is the Cave Creek Coffee Company, affectionately known as C4 by locals. The facade is reminiscent of Tombstone, but the interior is pure class (not that Tombstone was lacking in class…).

All class.

And despite the name, there were no caves or creeks to be seen and the menu was not limited to coffee. Instead, the menu had a nice-looking selection of breakfast food, sandwiches and a little something called Lahvosh, described on the menu as traditional Mediterranean cracker bread. This stuff was served kind of like a pizza and one of them caught my eye pretty easily. It was called the T-Rex and was topped with genoa salami, pancetta ham, prosciutto, garlic olive oil, fresh basil and of course mozzarella cheese. I knew it had to be mine, and made it so.

Look out for the Meatosaurus Rex!

When it arrived, the thing certainly looked like it could feed a T-Rex. It was about the size of an extra large pizza, and despite the lahvosh being a lot less filling than dough, I knew I wouldn’t be able to tackle this beast in one sitting. Despite its size, though, the T-Rex was nothing short of beautiful. The evenly dispersed sprinkle of meats made my mouth water and I carefully separated out a piece before going to town.

Up close and personal with Rex.

In the T-Rex, I found an awesome mix of meaty flavors, which went great with the subtle cheese. Despite being loaded with meat, the lahvosh was not at all overwhelming. It could almost have been called a “lite” meat-lover’s pizza, and not “lite” in the way that usually means you’re giving up flavor. Nope, this T-Rex was full of flavor and that garlic olive oil made the cornucopia of meats taste even better. The use of lahvosh definitely made for an interesting experience very different from a normal pizza. The crust was hard like matzah, and was actually pretty tough to eat without shattering it into cracker bits. I wonder what it would have tasted like on a more bread-like crust, but also wonder if that might screw up the balance that the T-Rex had achieved.

With a couple slices left to go, I threw in the towel. I am no carnivorous dinosaur and the the T-Rex was too much food for me to handle. Nonetheless, the food was quite good. Local cowboys would be impressed with the delicious meats and I could easily imagine a T-Rex asking for a few more rounds.