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Being Social

Pizza is a social food.
Pizza is a social food.

Wife won a gift card to Social at Bakery Square a while back and we finally got a chance to use it recently. In fact, we made it a social thing and invited out a couple to join us. As I learned during the meal, the feminine half of the couple has her own food blog, which focuses on nutrition, so I naturally thought we were very similar. That is, until she ordered a salad. Crazy, I know.

As for me, I browsed the mostly salad, sandwich and pizza menu before choosing the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. The friendly waiter assured me it was a good choice, and I couldn’t argue with the simple unvegan ingredients of buffalo sauce, chunks of chicken, “moody bleu” cheese and aged cheddar. I’m not sure if that blue cheese is actually called “moody bleu” or is a reference to a French Moody Blues cover band, but either way it looked good.

And it turned out it was actually pretty good. The ingredients were all up to snuff and the dough wasn’t half bad either. I especially liked the fact that I dd not need to order the pie without vegetables, but wouldn’t have minded a crispier crust. Nonetheless, I ate the whole damn thing in one sitting, which I know isn’t that impressive, but hey I’m getting on in the years here.

Rumor has it the salads were good too, so if you’re into “alternative” nutrition blogs, you might enjoy Social as well. Meanwhile, I’ll stick to pizza.