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So apparently my blog was listed as an attacker page on Google because some sneaky bastard figured out a way to hack me and install malware. That was no good, but luckily it has all been cleared up. The only thing my blog is intended to attack is arteries, and few places attack arteries quite like Vicious Dogs, a wonderful little hot dog joint in North Hollywood. Some places you can tell are going to be good just by taking a look at their facade. This facade was pretty amazing, sporting a 10 foot plastic hot dog, and although this hot dog was loaded with veggies, it was a very good sign. I walked on in and was surprised to find that Vicious Dogs also doubled as a cupcake shop. It was a strange mix of foods, but I had no time to deal with cupcakery, I was here to eat something vicious and dog-like.

Let’s get some homemade mac on this dog.

Their menu was loaded with some great hot dog options. The man behind the counter who seemed to run the place told us to get the Sweet and Spicy Kielbasa. I do usually like to go with recommendations, but that hot dog full of peppers and onions would have been wasted on me. Instead, I saw one of their specials on the counter, called the Daddy Mack. This hot dog creation consisted of a hot dog wrapped in bacon, topped with either mustard or BBQ sauce, and then further topped with mac and cheese, all for only $3.99 (and an extra 10% off for Disney employees like this guy). I had to to have such genius in my mouth and ordered it with BBQ sauce. My compatriot ordered the Sweet and Spicy Kielbasa, so I was able to at least get a look at the chef’s special.

The Sweet and Spicy Kielbasa. Not unvegan approved.

When it arrived, I was slightly disappointed to see what looked like Velveeta Shells and Cheese topping my hot dog. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Velveeta Shells and Cheese, but I kind of hoped Vicious Dogs would give me something more unique. Nonetheless, this thing was loaded and I grabbed a fork, knowing that bun couldn’t contain all that mac. I started digging in and was happy to find that the bacon was thin and crispy. On its own, I think bacon should be thick, but for a hot dog I didn’t want it to overwhelm. The mac and cheese tasted like I had expected, which wasn’t amazing, but I do have to give the place major kudos for coming up with the idea of adding mac and cheese to a hot dog. It certainly took the cheese dog to the next level. Now the hot dog itself was pretty tasty, and despite the toppings it was flavorful enough to maintain its position as the centerpiece of the meal.

I am definitely looking forward to visiting Vicious Dogs again. They have some great concepts and although the Daddy Mack hot dog could have used a few more touches, it was pretty inspirational. Plus, their specials seem to always be changing, so I know that I’ll be able to find new hot dog creations to chow down on for a long time.