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Hotel Eats at Dar Amazir

Just what I didn't order.
Just what I didn’t order.

Sometimes you get to pick your food, and sometimes you don’t. Usually I try to avoid reviewing places that I don’t choose my meals, but in Morocco I ended up eating at a few of my hotels without a choice. Fortunately, one of these hotels was Dar Amazir in the town of Agdz.

Objects in picture are bigger than they appear.
Objects in picture are bigger than they appear.

Our meal began with the usual bread, and instead of a Moroccan Salad, these was simply a variety of olives and cucumbers. Of course these weren’t important to me, but the main tajine was. Per usual, it was filled with chicken, but there were also potatoes, olives and delicious spices. In fact, the spices pervaded the chicken in every way. On top of that, it was perfectly tender and so were the potatoes.

Hotels aren’t usually seen as the best places to eat, but Dar Amazir is worth heading to in Agdz even if you aren’t a guest.