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Some fast teriyaki.
Some fast teriyaki.

After imbibing in a few beverages and wandering the streets of New York in search of ramen to no avail, I found myself at a place called Glaze in Union Square. Contrary to what you might expect, Glaze is not a donut shop. Rather, it is a teriyaki fast-casual concept, the concept being that teriyaki is a glaze. The options for the glaze included more than just your typical chicken and I went for the Hanger Steak.

This came with a choice of white or brown rice, and I opted for the brown. And in my stupor, I failed to notice that it also came with a sort of salad. Of course, I can blame Glaze for even making the salad a possibility, but I can’t blame them for its presence in my tray when I received my food.

Alas, although it was no ramen, Glaze turned out to be a great meal. The flavors were great, there was plenty of steak and unlike other quick steaks, this stuff was juicy and well-prepared. If I found myself in a similar predicament in Union Square, I would be glad to make my way back to Glaze again.