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Not the fanciest of trucks…

Although it seems like I’ve reviewed just about every truck on the streets of LA, there are still a few waiting for an unvegan visit. Lomo Arigato is no longer one of these. This truck dishes out Peruvian food and although they don’t fuse this with any sort of Japanese food, they still threw the word “arigato” into their name. This confused me, but I couldn’t let the strange name distract me from food. There were only three dishes in their menu and although they all looked pretty good, I decided to order their namesake, the Lomo Saltado.

Mmm meat and potatoes.

About ten minutes later, my food was ready. I opened up my styrofoam box and took a look inside. There were no vegetables to be found and all I could see were meats and carbs, with a little cilantro. It looked to be a great unvegan meal. I started eating and was pretty happy with it. As my first lomo saltado experience, I have nothing to compare it to, but they seemed to have done a good job. The meat was plentiful and the fries were nice and crunchy, but after a few bites I realized that this dish was quite salty. Perhaps it was an over-use of the soy sauce or the fries happened to be super-absorbent, but either way, I really needed the rice to help tone down the saltiness.