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Eating CreativEats

From a truck!
From a truck!

It has been an admittedly long time since I have eaten from a food truck, let alone one in LA. Yet, while the fad has ended, there are still plenty of food trucks to chow down with as the truck still offers a low-cost entry into food-slinging. One such truck goes by the name of CreativEats and breaks essentially all (two) rules I thought necessary for a food truck’s survival.

The first rule is that the food has to be easy to eat with your hands – requiring no utensils and preferably only one hand. CreativEats does have sandwiches, but it also has rice bowls, crab cakes and salmon. The second is that the food should be highly specific and specialized – not everything for everyone.

How very open you are.
How very open you are.

Well, CreativEats doesn’t fit that mould, yet their Chicken Cutlet sandwich attracted me. It was made with cream cheese, brie, prosciutto and arugula, but yeah I ordered it without the arugula. Strangely enough, the sandwich turned out to be open-faced. I don’t know if they were running low on bread or doing a public service of lowering carbs, but this was a disappointment.

On the other hand, the single slice of bread was pretty thick. Plus, the chicken was slightly breaded and really after a few bites that another slice of bread would have made the sandwich too, well, bready. I could hardly taste the cream cheese, so it was probably there just to keep things moist and played its role well. The mix of brie, prosciutto and chicken worked really well, though as CreativEats managed to pack some good flavor into the chicken and really you can’t go wrong with brie or prosciutto.

It may not have been the most creative eat I’ve ever had from a food truck, but the sandwich was certainly something I would have happily eaten in a fancy sandwich shop. And hey, maybe CreativEats will be the exception that proves my food truck rules.