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Oh hello breakfast.

EDIT: Overland Cafe has become The Overland, which is basically the same, but somehow cooler.

Often packed and with a line out the door, Overland Cafe sits in the Palms neighborhood just down the street from me. One of their biggest draws, in my mind, is their champagne brunch, featuring all-you-can-drink champagne for 5 bucks until 2:00 pm on weekends. This price doesn’t include the orange juice required to make mimosas, but is still a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, that is just about the only thing that is a good deal there.

Prices for regular breakfast food rarely drop below the ten dollar range, which is pricey considering my typical breakfast of an English muffin with butter costs me about 50 cents. Of course, I don’t hope to find breakfast for that price, but I would have like to have found something cheaper than my 10 dollar breakfast sandwich.

This greasy little bagel-wich came with eggs, bacon and cheese. Despite the price, this was a great combination of breakfast food that turned out to be pretty tasty. It also wasn’t skimpy, being loaded with all three of those delicious breakfast foods. The grease factor was definitely nice, as was the fruit that came with it. Plus, I got the honor of watching my girlfriend get drunk on champagne before noon.

So here’s the deal. Overland Cafe food is overpriced, but pretty tasty. If you need to eat breakfast out, you’ll be happy with Overland Cafe as long as you plan on dropping at least 10 bucks per person. Also, be sure to have someone else drive you, because that champagne will render you incapable of putting your foot to the gas.