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Oh hey veal.

After recovering from my lunch at Shake Shack, I headed to Great Neck on Long Island to see some family. The meal was set for an Italian place called Cafe Rustica. Although the menu was limited for the event, there were plenty of options, including a few different veal dishes. Although I’m not the biggest veal fan for flavor and loosely moral reasons, I still felt like this would be a good way to go after eating every other cow product for lunch. I chose their veal parmigiani since it didn’t come with any vegetables.

It didn’t take too long to arrive, and in the meantime I enjoyed the company and starter that was similar to hummus, although not quite the same. When it did arrive, I was surprised to find that the veal came with a huge load of spaghetti. Usually I would have been happy to see this, but since I wasn’t terribly hungry, the spaghetti would have simply been filler, keeping me from my baby meat.

I started eating and definitely enjoyed the crispy breading on the veal. The marinara sauce also tasted great and the cheese, as always, failed to let me down. The veal also tasted good, but as I kept eating, I realized that my meal was really salty. I needed to drink a lot of water to keep myself from getting salted dry. As my experience with veal is very limited, it’s possible that veal is meant to be salty, but then that is a shame, because overly salted food does not make for the best of meals for this unvegan.