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Gettin’ Jinky’s With It

Cheesey chili.

In Sherman Oaks and a few other places in LA, there is a breakfasty-dinery type of restaurant called Jinky’s. But it is no ordinary breakfasty-dinery joint. I mean, sure, it has pancakes, eggs, burgers and sandwiches, but it also has something you don’t really see on too many menus – chili. Twenty different kinds of chili, in fact. Not every variety is available every day, but there is always some sort of chili and Jinky’s finds all sorts of ways to mix it into its extensive menu.

After much debate with myself about what to order, I finally happened upon the Chili Mac and Cheese. These seemed to be a dream come true, and became even more so when I asked the waitress to explain the available chilis of the day. That day the winner was the Oaxacan, which was beef based, without any beans and came in at a spice level of 7 (out of 10). It sounded perfect.

When it arrived, it looked perfect too. They sure didn’t skimp on the portions and the chili had been topped with some bread crumbs to give it all a little crunch. I crunched away and found the spice level to be pretty awesome. Not only that, the chili had great flavoring and went really well with the mac. I can’t say it was the best chili I’ve ever had or the best mac and cheese either, but I can say that the combination was some sweet synergy.

A synergy worth going back for, because good chili is a rare thing in this world of ours.