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Say cheese!

For the birthday of a special someone in my life, we headed to little French restaurant called AOC. You may be wondering what AOC stands for, and so did we. Apparently it is not some made-up acronym, but actually is the French version of the FDA, which makes it far more pretentious and Frenchier. We had a reservation and were seated immediately, as I would expect from the French. Our waitress, who had an indistinguishable accent that most certainly was not French, brought us our menus so we could figure out some foodstuffs.

The menu was a bit confusing, but we go our bearings and decided to start out with some cheeses. Not knowing too much about cheese except that I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like, we let the waitress decide. One cheese was $5, while a three-cheese platter was $15. Not sure why they had to tell us the price of a platter of three cheeses since it was just three times the amount for a single cheese and wasn’t discounted, but that must be some sort of French thing I can’t comprehend. She picked out a goat cheese from Sardinia, Italy called Pantaleo, a sheep cheese from the Loire Valley in France called Le Berger de Rocastin and finally some good old fashioned cow cheese from Burgundy, France called Chaource. No, I can’t pronounce any of them, but I can tell you that they were all mighty tasty. We also had some bread, which came with a nice semi-spicy spread that was really good and could easily be coupled with the cheeses.

Is that a purple carrot?

For the main course, I decided to get into some white meat. The white meat I chose was listed on the menu as Grilled Chicken, Roasted Roots, Aged Balsamic. I asked the waitress what roasted roots entailed, hoping she would bust out into a song by Rusted Root, but instead she told me it was potatoes. Really? Couldn’t just put potatoes down on the menu? At least it wasn’t vegetables.

When my chicken arrived, it was surprisingly small for the $14 price tag. It tasted good, to be sure, and this was greatly aided by some sort of a puree that the chicken was laying upon. Nonetheless, I cannot take away from the fact that the seasoning on the chicken was pretty good. The potatoes, I mean uhh the roasted roots also tasted nice, but I spotted a couple carrots in the mix. Definitely a root, but definitely not a potato.

By the time I finished that little piece of chicken, I was definitely full, unfortunately this wasn’t because of the chicken itself. I had to eat a ton of bread to fill up this unvegan tummy of mine. It was great that they kept refilling the bread, but I would have liked the main course to do the job of filling me up.