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Not a bad app.
Not a bad app.

Down on the Hermosa Beach Pier one could find a fair amount of seafood. Normally I avoid such places, but sometimes I must succumb to the desires of friends and family. In this case, I found myself at Killer Shrimp seeking the least “fishy” things on the menu.

The place is known for its shrimp, but I oped for a different crustacean in the form of Lobster Mac n’ Cheese. It was on the appetizer menu, but I was told it was fit for a meal if eaten solo. This turned out to be true, as it came in a sizable bowl. As for the taste, the mac itself was really quite delicious. Without the lobster I would sing its praises. And while the lobster did up the level of taste, it did bring the unfortunate addition of a slight fishy flavor that led me to believe it was a bit less than fresh.

Nonetheless, Killer Shrimp was pretty good meal and the Lobster Mac n’ Cheese is something I would try again if only for how good the actual mac and cheese part tasted.