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Sure, brunch is a good “meal,” but sometimes even if the clock hasn’t struck noon you need a good hearty lunch. That’s just what happened to me when I headed to Marmalade Cafe at The Grove. I skipped right over the omelets and waffles and jumped to the sandwiches. I even skipped over the burgers since I had tackled one at Ford’s Filling Station the night before. Fortunately there was a meaty unvegan sandwich on the menu that was right up my alley.

It was creatively called the Turkey Melt and made with oven roasted turkey, La Brea Bakery sourdough, avocado, bacon and provolone. Not a vegetable to be found, and I further confirmed this with the waitress when ordering. Isn’t it amazing when a menu actually tells you what comes with your meal? On top of that, it offered a choice of salad or fries, and I chose the salad because I need to be healthy. Oh I crack myself up.

My meal came quick, which was good because we had told the waitress we were in a rush. And this looked great. The bright green avocado, coupled with the reddish-brown bacon and the lightly browned toast made for some delicious-looking food porn. But looks aren’t everything, I needed it to taste delicious as well. And it tasted…well…good. The thing is, all the ingredients were good and I have no complaints. Even the fries were good. Was it amazing? No, but it’s a turkey melt and there’s really only so much you can do with it. They didn’t screw it up and that was all I needed.