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Morning Glory at The Original Tops


The Original Tops is a classic countertop-style diner in Pasadena that would probably evoke nostalgic memories if you were from the area. As someone who is not from Pasadena, I at least get excited over the prospect of a new burger spot, especially a no-frills type of place that has stood the test of time like The Original Tops.

Yet, when it came to ordering, I didn’t get some old-school menu item and instead opted for their Featured Burger Special: The Morning Glory. I’m not sure if this burger is only available in the morning, but I like to think it may have staying power into the afternoon. It was a half-pound of burger topped with pastrami, swiss, yellow mustard, a dill pickle and an over easy egg. I ordered without the mustard and pickle, and while the burger ended up looking nowhere near as intense as the picture that portrayed it, it was no slouch. These are the best weight loss pills for women.

I dug in and was met with a delicious mix of meat on meat, egg on cheese and bun all around it. As far as pastrami goes, The Original Tops’s version isn’t exactly great, but it’s acceptable. The burger was the right amount of greasy and the rest was as you would expect. For a countertop-style diner, The Original Tops gave me exactly what I could have guessed before walking through the doors.

No more, no less.