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No tomatoes in here.

By name and color, No Tomatoes! has the makings of an amazing food truck. The name implies an amazing lack of the vegetable known as the tomato (I don’t care if it’s anatomically a fruit, so is a cucumber and you don’t see anyone calling that a fruit) and the orange coloration that enshrouds the truck makes it look beautiful. Oh and if the name doesn’t give it away, it serves up Indian food. But hidden in this supposed gem of a truck is deception. For there is one dish at No Tomatoes! that actually contains tomatoes: Tikka Masala. So while they were serving up lies with Tikka Masala, I looked to other options.

Mango lassi makes for a good combo.

The one other option that stuck out to me was the Kathi Roll. This was shredded chicken (or potatoes or paneer for those not unvegan inclined), red onions, cilantro and mint chutney, wrapped in some whole wheat breadstuff. I said no to onions, then upgraded to a combo. This meant paratha bread and mango lassi. I grabbed the lassi and waited for my wrap to appear.

Mango lassi, by the way, is a delicious mango drink. It’s kind of like the mango version of orange julius, but even more refreshing. With about half of my mango lassi consumed, my wrap and bread were ready.

A lot of char and a bit of taste.

I started out with the Kathi Roll. The shredded chicken was nothing short of delicious. It was so juicy that some of the juices even escaped the wrap and wound up on my pants. Annoying? Yes. Worth it? Also yes. Because it wasn’t simply juicy, it also had an awesome spice to it. They seemed to have dropped a lot of cilantro with the onions, but some was still in there and added a nice, cool change of pace to the wrap. The mint chutney, though, I moved over from the sandwich to use with the paratha bread. The truck menu described the bread as flaky, buttery and layered. It was certainly all of these, but also a little charred. It was good, but less char definitely would have been preferred. The mint chutney helped me battle against the char, but I still wouldn’t get the bread again.

So no tomatoes and no onions made for a pretty good meal. The chicken of the Kathi Roll was some of the best spiced and juiciest Indian chicken I’ve ever had. And really, despite having a dish with tomatoes, the concept of No Tomatoes! is truly unvegan-friendly. I would definitely be up for another visit if they came by the office again.

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