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The best of what’s around?

It was a night for delivery and looking through LAbite, we found a good-looking Mediterranean place to order from it was called Best of Mediterranean (BOM), which is quite a boast to be put in a name, even for a place in West Hollywood. Obviously a place by that name had to be checked out. I was too hungry for a schwarma sandwich, so I ordered the chicken schwarma dinner plate. This came with hummos, tabouli, rice and garlic sauce. Knowing that tabouli is some strange mix of greens, I tried to order without it, but the website wouldn’t allow me. This was a big fail on the part of both LAbite and BOM, because many other restaurants allow you to customize dishes. Unfortunately, I knew that vegetables would be dying for my sake that night and wouldn’t even have the pleasure of being digested.

My food arrived and I opened it up in the hopes that somehow they had forgotten the tabouli. Unfortunately, this was not the case, but luckily they has relegated it to a corner of the styrofoam that ensured it didn’t make contact with my real food.

The real food tasted alright, but not great. The chicken was semi-rubbery and although the garlic cause was good, none of it really added up to the Best of Mediterranean that it boasted to be. I would recommend this place for a quick, easy delivery, but there are many better Mediterranean options to be explored in LA.