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Uno burrito.

On my way to see In the Heights (I’m cultured!) at LA’s Pantages Theater, I had no time to eat any food. I also had no idea what kind of food even existed on that part of town. The Hollywood Strip is quite the foreign territory for me. After parking at a failed meter (score), I whipped out my Urban Spoon to see what it would show me. After sifting through a couple of dead ends, I found Dos Burritos and walked in to see what it could offer me.

This hole-in-the-wall surprised me when I saw the menu. Not because the menu was amazing or terrible or anything in between, but because they had more than just two burritos. I decided to order the Asada Burrito for 6 bucks. I was told it came with the meat, beans, cheese, cilantro, salsa and onions. I wanted nothing to do with the onions, but everything else sounded great. I paid up and within a few instants, my burrito was wrapped, bagged and ready to go.

Stop trying to escape from me.

On my walk back to the Pantages, I consumed the few chips they had tossed in the bag. This would prove to be a big mistake. Once the chips were gone, it was burrito time. I bit in and my mouth felt like it was on fire. This was the first time I would have loved to have had those chips, to cool off my mouth. I must have bitten into a huge chunk of salsa, because subsequent bites proved the burrito to be pretty good. The beef had great flavor, but the beans were a little bit runnier than I would have liked. I took a few more bites and then found another reason it would have been smart to save my chips. Towards the bottom of the burrito, the insides had penetrated the flimsy tortilla and broke free. Perhaps this was my single burrito’s attempt at becoming dos burritos. Whatever the reason, it was trouble for my eating. If only I had chips to clean up the whole mess. It would have also been a perfect opportunity for burrito tape. Sadly, neither were to be found.

Despite the inadequate tortilla, the burrito was quite good. The runny beans at least tasted good and the entire mix of ingredients did quite well together. Even the salsa, which first left me aflame, ended up having some great flavor and being an essential part of the meal.