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Oh so gritty.
Oh so gritty.

Good Microbrew and Grill in Silverlake is a bit presumptuous. First, with a name like that there is an implication that the place is good. Then it makes you think they make their own brews. The grill part I have no qualms with. Presumptuous or not, I decided to make the place my brunch destination on one fine Saturday.

I began with one of their seemingly endless number of beers ranging from micro to craft, and I was happy to hear Blue Moon was not one of these choices. But the action really began with a bowl of their Cheddar Cheese Grits. This was easily the biggest bowl of grits I had ever seen and to be honest it was far more cheese than grits, which is not at all a bad thing.

What's the name again?
What’s the name again?

After the grits, I ordered a special that went by the name of Three Tortillas, but it was really just a fancy name for huevos rancheros, consisting of avocado, sunny side up eggs, ranchero salsa, beans and rice. Then, to my surprise it also came with some chips and guac and basically a side salad. I was unhappy about that second development because well why the hell didn’t they just tell me on the menu?! But alas, the tortilla rancho whatever turned out to be delightful, as one might expect. There were a couple stray veggies mixed with the rice, but that’s just a risk you take with Mexican rice sometimes.

So, while the name of Good Microbrew and Grill may be presumptuous, I can honestly say the place is good on the grill side. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually brew its own beer, so pretty good is more like it.