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Untwisted beef.
Untwisted beef.

On a quest for a good burger I found myself at Twisted Grove in Scottsdale speaking with a hostess. She said something about the fact that they did not have a burger to speak of. Yet, as I began to walk to the exit, she said they did have an amazing tri tip sandwich. Like any good unvegan, I turned back around and took a seat at an open table.

I still perused the menu, but in the end I just had to have Topher’s Tri Tip, which is presumably named after Topher Grace. The sandwich was literally just shaved beef, a steak aioli and a sesame bun. It also came with a choice of sides and I went with the parmesan-garlic frittes, which are presumably named after Fritz Crisler.

The tri tip really truly lived up to its billing as amazing. The beef was cooked perfectly and had the perfect savory flavor you’d want. The aioli was also a perfect way to add a bit of moisture to the sandwich without overpowering the beef flavor. The same goes for the sesame bun, but without the whole moisture part.

Unfortunately, the fries could not compare to the sandwich. This is partially because the sandwich was so good, but more so because they were way overly salted. Like a lot.

But alas, the fries are nothing more than a side and this sandwich more than made up for their shortcomings. Look out world of burgers, tri tip is sometimes just the right way to go.