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Where's the spice?
Where’s the spice?

Deep down in Torrance, there is an old Mexican restaurant called El Paso Cantina. Among my coworkers it’s known as the “$1 Margarita lunch” spot, but seeing as it does indeed serve food, I thought it deserving of a review. In addition to their margaritas, they also have a food lunch special and $1 churros. I’ve had these before and while they were pretty good, the options were quite limited. This time I was looking for more.

It's time to go inside, kids.
It’s time to go inside, kids.

I found the Spicy Beef Burrito, stuffed with said shredded beef, cheese and beans. It came enchilada style and had a dollop of sour cream on it too. I certainly enjoyed the burrito, as it was nicely balanced and filling, but I was a bit disappointed by the spice level. Not only was the beef not spicy, but the “spicy roja sauce” covering the burrito wasn’t spicy either. This is not to say it was flavorless, just that the flavors had no heat.

In general, El Paso Cantina makes good, acceptable Mexican food. Nothing I have had so far has really stood out. Except for the Margaritas. Those stand out impressively.