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There be onions hidden in there.
There be onions hidden in there.

After a long drive back from Phoenix, I was willing to eat about anything. Luckily in Ontario, we came across El Torito, a Mexican sit-down restaurant that is all over California. I actually saw El Torito in Istanbul, which has kept me from going for a long time because I question their authenticity. Nonetheless, I had put off El Torito for long enough and I was so damn hungry.

They had some good-looking appetizers for their happy hour special, but I needed a real meal, so I skipped to the regular menu and found their options looked pretty good. I decided to order the Sizzling Enchiladas with chicken. These made no mention of vegetables and had a creamy tomatillo sauce, jack cheese and came with guacamole, frijoles de la olla and rice. This all looked perfect, so I ordered and waited.

Sides are a nice addition.
Sides are a nice addition.

My meal arrived in a sizzling manner and looked just as good as I had hoped. I dug in and bit into something disturbing. Onions! Damn, my meal was tainted. Worst of all, the onions blended in so well with my real food that I didn’t notice them until they made harsh contact with my taste buds. Luckily the onions were big and much easier to remove than if they had been chopped, but they still made for a difficult eating experience. The meal was good, just not necessarily worth all the effort it took to remove the nasty bits.