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‘Alfalfa Sprouts’

When Vegetables Attack: Onions and Alfalfa Sprouts

For my Canadian readers, it looks like it’s time to ditch the veggies again. Onions and alfalfa sprouts have been linked to perennial veggie companion, salmonella. Look out for these two products: Sprouts Alive Baby Onion Sprouts and Sun Sprout Alfalfa & Onion Sprouts. As always, I strongly recommend avoiding all veggies. Better safe than sorry.

(via CBC)

When Vegetables Attack: Alfalfa Sprouts Return!

alfafaJust when you thought it was safe to eat raw alfalfa sprouts, the salmonella returns!

In an incident unrelated to the last alfalfa attack, there is now a food company in Culver City, California recalling their alfalfa.

This time it’s from Kowalke Organics. They say it isn’t safe to eat a few of their products, which can be found here. Interestingly enough, they are primarily sold in the fancy grocery stores like Gelson’s and Whole Foods.

I am of the opinion that it’s never entirely safe to be eating raw vegetables, but when salmonella is involved, it just gets that much worse.

(via LA Times)