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A Break from the Norm at Coolhaus

A sandwich of ice cream!
A sandwich of ice cream!

Although this doesn’t quite fit into my typical unvegan reviews, I wouldn’t be a real LA food blogger if I didn’t talk about the Coolhaus ice cream sandwich truck at some point. Besides, if you think about it, ice cream is an animal product that vegans can’t have, so I really am sticking to my unvegan principles here.

While being an art connoisseur at the Culver City Art Walk, I happened to be walking down La Cienega when the Coolhaus truck pulled up to the sidewalk right next to me. I had heard this truck would be at the art walk, but I assumed wherever it would be, it would have far too long of a line for me to deal with. I felt pretty lucky that the truck essentially landed in my lap, so I decided to give it a try.