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Porking Out at DBGB

Thai sausages. Extra small.

For a fancy little evening on the town in Manhattan, we took a trip to Bowery Street to eat at a swanky place called DBGB. I’m not sure what the entire acronym stands for, but I’m pretty sure the D and one of the Bs are the initials of Daniel Boulud, some big time chef in NYC. We had a big party, so we made reservations beforehand, yet still had to wait a good 15 minutes before our table was ready. In that time, we headed over to the bar, which had a huge mirror on it and a ton of beers listed. One would think that these mirror beers would be the available beers, however, we were told that the mirror was out of date and handed a menu. Too bad, because one of my life goals is to order beer from a mirror and that will have to wait.