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A Lamb Good Time at Pino’s

A nice-looking pile of cheese.
A nice-looking pile of cheese.

Point Breeze basically has two restaurants. One is Point Brugge, which was eloquently reviewed recently on this site, and the other is Pino’s, a classy Italian joint basically across the street. In truth, I knew nothing about Pino’s before walking in, but by the time I left I was looking forward to more. You see, when it comes to pasta, I kind of have a thing where I feel like a jar of Classico and some dry pasta is just as good as many restaurants. Pino’s, however, was not one of these restaurants.

C & O Trattoria

So much better with added meat.
So much better with added meat.

Italian food is often a difficult food to spend a lot of money on. It is hard to justify dropping $15 on a meal when I can easily boil pasta, microwave some Classico sauce and sprinkle some parmesan on top. C & O Trattoria, however, is a place that exceeds anything I could provide in my own kitchen.

The ambience itself makes you feel like you really walked into a restaurant in Italy, with outdoor seating, a fountain and strings of lights. Even the walls are painted to make it feel like you are sitting out on the street rather than inside a restaurant. I took my seat and started looking at the menu when the waiter began bringing out my unlimited garlic knots. The waiter could hardly bring them out fast enough for me to eat them.


It's quite easy to make a square plate of rigatoni into a diamond.
It’s quite easy to make a square plate of rigatoni into a diamond.

Downtown Culver City has a pretty nice selection of restaurants, but the best Italian it has to offer is Ugo, self-proclaimed as “an Italian cafe.”

I sat down with a friend at one of their indoor tables, which was kind of small, but luckily their menus were long and thin, possibly in an attempt to fit well on the table. I scanned the menu and it looked a lot different than I remembered from last time, because it had a lot less options. I thought this may have been my own memory that failed me until I looked at the website and saw that the menu there is also much larger than the one I got. I am quite curious how this happened.*