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What’s Up with Vermont and Monsanto?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/Zvonimir Atletic

Most of what I do up here on is all in good fun. Yeah, I love my meat and while you might think vegetables are the thing I hate most in the world, they are not. In fact, I hate a lot of things more than vegetables (usually Ohio State). Right now, one of those things is Monsanto.

Barry Groves: Unvegan Hero

Same same same same different.
Same same same same different.

Barry Groves is a man who knows a lot about health. And he’s not just some know-it-all with a blog (read: me), he has a PhD to back it up. So when he decided to write about the diet of some important mammals, as compared to humans, I took notice. In his article, “Should all animals eat a high-fat, low-carb diet?” he debunks some common theories that vegans cling to in order to justify their unnatural lifestyles.

Neanderthals: Unvegan Heroes

A recent discovery of a Neanderthal fossil in the North Sea has the carnivorous world abuzz. According to the BBC News, Analysis of the skull fragment has revealed that the Neanderthal “survived on a diet dominated by meat.”

It is a wonder how such a superior species so high on the food chain could have been wiped from the earth entirely. Maybe a few vegetarian homo sapiens came along and mixed some salmonella-tainted vegetables in their food and caused a pandemic. I’m not a scientist, but I’m not above fabricating potentially mind-blowing theories.