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Going Bananas for Burgers

Always plantains.
Always plantains.

It all began with a quick stop for some Medalla Light beers and some appetizers, but after taking a look at the menu and seeing the food our fellow customers were eating, it became apparent that Bananas in Esperanza would become our dinner that night in Vieques. Bananas, like Duffy’s from the night before, is kind of like a beach bar with mainland American influence.

Biting Shark at Duffy’s

Lemon-flavored shark?
Lemon-flavored shark?

A few miles off of the coast of mainland Puerto Rico is Vieques Island. It’s reasonably small, but still supports a couple of towns, one of which is Esperanza, which caters to tourists a bit more than elsewhere. It was there that we found Duffy’s, a barĀ and grill with food you could probably find anywhere in the rest of the US, but with a distinct island vibe to it.