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Selling My Soul for Juice

I got juiced.

While you all know I have a vast hatred for vegetables and strong love of meat, you may not realize that I am also a huge fan of fruit. I know, it doesn’t exactly fit into the meaty mentality, but fruit is simply delicious. So when a fruit juice company called Juiceology contacted me to try their products and write a review, I figured it was worth a try. And it didn’t hurt that they were going to send me free samples.

When I received my big old styrofoam cooler in the mail, I found two juicy bottles and three ice packs inside, which were almost more exciting than the juices (I was in dire need of ice packs). This is not to say that the juices were not exciting, just that the common juice packaging made them look like just about every other special juice on the shelves. Perhaps this droll packaging was why they wanted bloggers to write about them. Whatever the case, I got down to reading the bottles to see what they were all about.

What I found were a couple of juices with a bunch of whole grain extracts, 1/5 of someone smaller than me’s daily value of fiber and something called 5g of vegetable fiber. Vegetables? In my juice? What sort of trickery is this? Alas, I am nothing if not a man willing to try new things. Let no one say that that the unvegan has rejected a vegetable without trying it. So try these juices I did.

The first was their Peach Mango. And it tasted just like…well…peach and mango. Amazing! Not my favorite two fruits, but it sure got the taste right, and with 70% pure juice and whatever else they chose to throw in, I would expect as such. There was truly no vegetable taste, which was good, but still makes me wonder why they couldn’t just throw in extra fruit fiber instead of the weird vegetable stuff. The same was true for the Blueberry Acai juice, although I liked this juice a lot better. Of course, this was simply my personal taste, because I just love blueberries more than any other fruit.

So, was Juiceology really any good? It’s hard to judge. If you’re one of those people that loves wasting money on expensive juices like Odwalla and Naked Juice, then Juiceology could be great for you. It’s tasty, big on fiber and doesn’t seem to be too high in the numbers that I don’t really pay attention to (calories, sugar and other nonsense). Plus, it’s American and if you don’t like it you just might be a communist.