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Cavemen: Unvegan Heroes

Now that is an ideal body.

No, I am not giving praise to prehistoric cavemen for being awesome unvegans. Instead, the heroes of today are actually my contemporaries. They are real, modern people who have to decided to merge what they believe the caveman life was with modernity. Basically, this means eating a whole lot of meat.

At times, people have asked me what period of time I would have liked to have lived in. A lot of people say the ’60s because so much happened then, or the ’20s because they sounded so much fun. I, on the other hand, think it would have been awesome to have lived as a caveman. Life was simple. Men were men. When you were hungry, you hunted down something to eat. If you wanted a woman, all you had to do was club her over the head and drag her into your cave. These modern cavemen make me long for those days even more.

Being a modern caveman is not simply a diet, but a lifestyle choice. These people will go days without eating to mimic the periods that our ancestors were on the hunt or foodless. Some will even finish this fast with a massive workout before eating to trick their body into thinking it just experienced a foot race with a mastodon.

It’s a pretty intense lifestyle, but the proponents of it love it. They say they feel better and even look better ┬áMaybe my dreams of living in caveman times aren’t unrealistic.

So, for bringing back the lifestyle of our paleolithic ancestors by eating a lot of meat and transforming your lifestyles, Cavemen, you are true Unvegan Heroes!

(via NY Times)