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Beer Me Some Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss

Companion to life.
Companion to life.

French fries go great with a burger, breadsticks are delicious with a pepperoni pizza and mac and cheese is the perfect partner with some ribs, but beer is amazing with any meat. It is difficult (although not impossible) to be an unvegan without having a great taste for beer and as any real beer drinker knows, not all beers are created equal. In my world, there is Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss and then there are all other beers.

Not Quite the Best of Mediterranean (CLOSED)

The best of what’s around?

It was a night for delivery and looking through LAbite, we found a good-looking Mediterranean place to order from it was called Best of Mediterranean (BOM), which is quite a boast to be put in a name, even for a place in West Hollywood. Obviously a place by that name had to be checked out. I was too hungry for a schwarma sandwich, so I ordered the chicken schwarma dinner plate. This came with hummos, tabouli, rice and garlic sauce. Knowing that tabouli is some strange mix of greens, I tried to order without it, but the website wouldn’t allow me. This was a big fail on the part of both LAbite and BOM, because many other restaurants allow you to customize dishes. Unfortunately, I knew that vegetables would be dying for my sake that night and wouldn’t even have the pleasure of being digested.

Taco Tuesdays at The Spanish Kitchen (CLOSED)

Objects in picture are smaller than they appear.
Objects in picture are smaller than they appear.

Looking to once again find a winning Taco Tuesday, I headed to The Spanish Kitchen near West Hollywood to see what they had to offer.

What they had to offer was pretty impressive. They had a huge selection of tacos ranging from adobo grilled chicken to spicy shrimp and all were priced at 2 bucks. At the time, each meat automatically came with its own salsa, but I see now that the menu offers every salsa with every meat so the eater can customize to their heart’s content. Despite not having this option before, they still had some fun-looking tacos.