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A Little English at The Model Bakery

Model muffins.
Model muffins.

Back in St. Helena is a place called The Model Bakery. And The Model Bakery isn’t your typical bakery. You see, their specialty is a little something that isn’t usually found beyond the grocery store: The English Muffin. That’s right, the dry, flaky, often disappointing breakfast muffin can actually be made outside the Thomas’ factory.

Gotta Have Gott’s Roadside

This shake is nuts.
This shake is nuts.

By most accounts, St. Helena in Northern California is a small town. Yet, within this small town in the middle of wine country is a burger stand of national acclaim serving up food with a non-small town price. Called Gott’s Roadside, it is both literally and figuratively not to be missed in St. Helena. We arrived after a bit of a wine tasting, eager to see what all the fuss was about.