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Nice and crusty.
Nice and crusty.

While Phoenix has Pizzeria Bianco, it isn’t exactly a city known for its pizza. This may be because pizza isn’t exactly what you crave on a super-hot day, yet Phoenix has managed to import Chicago-style deep dish through Oregano’s and New York style pizza with Grimaldi’s. Grimaldi’s does coal brick oven pizza and actually started out in New York so I was expecting it to be pretty good.

We went with a ricotta and pepperoni, which also included the tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese that one would expect from a a New York pizza. The result was unquestionably delicious, with each of the toppings maintaining a nice balance amongst one another and a couple bonus basil leaves that I, despite being an unvegan, had no problem with. But perhaps the most important part was the crust, which was perfectly thin and perfectly crispy for a pizza of its size.

I can speak for nothing else of the items on the menu, but with crust like that there is really no reason to look further than pizza.