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Looks better than McDonald’s.

After departing one of the few lands without McDonald’s (also known as Tanzania), I had myself a layover in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Sadly, it wasn’t enough time to get out and see the city, but it was enough time to grab a bite to eat. McDonald’s might have seemed like a sensible choice, but I don’t eat McDonald’s in the US and only eat it internationally if they have unique local items. This one failed at that level and instead I found myself at the Dutch Kitchen.

My insatiable desire for burgers was still…umm…insatiable and the Organic Koningshoeve Hamburger on their menu had my name written all over it. Yes, I have decided that Koningshoeve would be my Dutch name. The line took a while, but eventually I placed my order, asking for no vegetables and for some cheese. The cook asked me if I wanted burger sauce and I figured why not? It also came with some nice, thick fries.

Come for the burger, stay for the fries.

When finished, it looked delicious, but turned out to not taste quite as good as it looked. There was something seriously strange about the texture of the beef, which I can’t really explain. Gooey is the closest I can come to describing it. The bun was a bit too thick and dry and the hamburger sauce was kind of like ketchup, but with a little something else in it to throw off the taste. Again, I can’t quite explain what it might have been, but I can tell you it wasn’t juicy enough to make up for the dry bun.

The fries, though, were pretty awesome. I liked the thick cut of them and their soft insides coupled with a somewhat crisp outside were reminiscent of Belgian fries. If these had gone in the fryer one more time, they would have really been stellar.

So, once again, my attempt to enjoy a burger was spoiled. At least in this case, I could see the mix of flavors working for a local palate. Then again, if I had taken the route most Americans do when they visit Amsterdam, the burger would have tasted magical no matter how different it was from what I’m used to.