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Such a bad daddy.
Such a bad daddy.

Down in The South there is a bit of a growing burger joint called Bad Daddy’s. It’s managed to make its way into the Charlotte Airport and I managed to find it. As the name would attempt to imply, Bad Daddy’s had a pretty good variety of unique burgers, which even included a Pittsburgher (topped with fries of course).

While the Bacon Cheeseburger on Steroids initially caught my eye, I ended up ordering the Sam I Am. Like the great American novel character the burger was named for, this burger had green, eggs and ham. Yes, that comma is there for a reason because the eggs themselves weren’t green; the green came in the form of a pesto sauce. Also, the ham came in the form of rosemary ham and the eggs came in over east. Plus, like any good burger it came cheese, even if it was only American. I opted for tater tots as my side instead of fries and these came with a sort of chipotle BBQ dipping sauce.

I'm just yolking.
I’m just yolking.

At first I was brought out a completely wrong burger, but eventually this was rectified and I was able to eat my Sam I Am. Without a doubt this was a damn good airport burger. It was almost cooked perfectly to medium rare and the eggs were perfectly runny. Yet, the combination of ingredients was just a bit weird. Not a bad weird, but more of a “these weren’t necessarily the best ingredients to combine” weird.

The good news is that at least with a different blend of toppings I can imagine really enjoying Bad Daddy’s. Oh and the tots were as great as tots always find a way to be. Unfortunately I won’t be getting the Sam I Am again, but I wouldn’t mind getting to know Bad Daddy’s a little bit better.