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A Schwarma Burrito at Pita Kitchen

Tell me what you see.

Look at the picture to the left, ignore the title of this post and tell me what you see. If you are like me, you probably think that is a burrito. It has the signature Chipotle foil, a nice fold and the grill marks that usually come with a tortilla. But this is no burrito, this is a chicken schwarma wrap from Pita Kitchen in Sherman Oaks, a hole in the wall to be remembered.

At $7.50 the wrap is a bit on the pricey side, but it is definitely an appropriate price for the size. The wrap came packed with chicken, tahini and hummus, and if Pita Kitchen had had their way with their regular ingredients, it also would have included lettuce and a salad. I’m not sure what the difference between lettuce and a salad is, but as they were both certainly vegetables, I wanted none of it.

Surprise! I am not a burrito.

As for the taste, I was definitely happy with the chicken. It had been nicely seasoned and cooked. The tahini sauce was also pretty good, but definitely took a back seat to the hummus. And while the texture of the hummus was good, it lacked the oomph of flavor that makes me love great hummus. This could have been a lack of garlic, lemon or both, but it was definitely noticeable and a little sad due to the awesomely creamy texture.

Oops I creamed my hummus.

If you’re wondering why I keep rambling about the texture, it’s because I ordered a side of the hummus, which ran at a steep $5 bucks. And while the portion was once again huge, I wouldn’t have minded a smaller and more manageable portion. It came with three pieces of pita, which was a fair amount, but still nowhere near enough to take on the copious amounts of hummus.

While I was glad to have stumbled upon a nice little hole in the wall like Pita Kitchen, I could definitely see some areas for improvement. Maybe I’m just spoiled or crazy.