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A Taste of Niagara-on-the-Lake (CLOSED)

Solid name.
Good thing it’s not called Size.

On a sojourn to Niagara-on-the-Lake for a day of bike riding and wine drinking, the wife and I found ourselves in need of a quick bite to eat. Usually this would have involved much research from a meat blogger like myself, but I was hungry and wine was waiting so we found ourselves in Taste, a little sandwich and salad spot. I was already concerned about my food because the place’s tagline is “The Healthy Option” and we all know that means healthy in the worst possible sense.

Nonetheless, I found a sandwich called Pig in a Poke, filled with BBQ pulled pork, sliced apples, bacon and mozzarella cheese in some ciabatta bread. After shelling out far too many loonies (such is life in a touristy area), I awaited my sandwich and was surprised with what eventually arrived at my table. Evidently, when they put together a sandwich with actual ingredients, the portion sizes drop, because this thing was barely six inches (presumably, being in a metric country threw all my units of measurement off).

As for the namesake of the restaurant, the sandwich tasted just fine. Nothing was too special, although I did appreciate the apples as an ingredient as opposed to some crappy vegetable. There was a fairly big bread-to-ingredients ratio, which is never a good thing unless the bread is amazing (it wasn’t). Despite being in a touristy area, I was left feeling like Taste could have done better. If it came down to a similar scenario again, I’d be looking to pack out my own lunch.