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Ugh radishes.
Ugh radishes.

My first foray into Pittsburgh’s Mexican food scene brought me to Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville. I really had no idea what to expect, but I found a nice outdoor patio area and a good selection of tacos. I ordered myself some Yuengling and then took a look at the taco menu for a while before landing on their Puerco Tacos.

These two tacos were made of pork belly, apple pico, radish and cilantro. I did my best to order without the radish, but the waitress managed to convince me to keep them and that I wouldn’t even taste them. This turned out to be a flat-out lie, as the radishes were huge upon arrival, but at least they were big enough to quickly be removed. What was not so easy to remove was the onions that had not even been mentioned in the menu…unless they were somehow part of the apple pico, but that just seems even more mean than calling onions and tomatoes “rooster beak” (pico de gallo).

Yet, I powered through and found the tacos to be mighty tasty. Sure, they weren’t really traditional, but they had a nice dose of creativity and could have been even better without the unnecessary radishes and misleading wait-staff.