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Hello Frankie.

I visited the India Jones truck at good old First Fridays evening on Abbot Kinney. The area was pretty packed, but I had been following India Jones on Twitter and was eager to try them out. When I got there, Mr. Jones himself was dealing with a horrible skater punk who had decided to steal a can of Pellegrino. It was an uncomfortable situation, because the skater guy was obviously a terrible person, and luckily someone stepped in and grabbed the can to return to Jones. One of his idiot friends decided to hit the truck with his skateboard and ran away, because he was like a child, and although Jones chased after him, it was to no avail, the buffoon had gotten away. After seeing this, my hunger for some food from this truck grew even more. Jones was willing to defend his truck and fight against dumb hooligans, so I was happy to support. And by support I mean order food.

I decided I had to get one of their frankies, which is a street food from India. The frankies here included cilantro tamarind chutney, chopped onion and egg, all wrapped in a thin bread for $3.50. I ordered mine with lamb and without onion. After a few minutes it was ready and looked great. I tasted it and it was pretty great. It was onion-free, but had some delicious spices in it. The lamb tasted great and all-in-all it was really easy to eat in that wrap. My only problem with it was that I wanted more. Of course, at only $3.50, it was a great value and I couldn’t complain. I would definitely get one of these, but stick with lamb because I can’t imagine that tasting as good with any other meat.