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Want some fries with your chili?
Want some fries with your chili?

Last week, I brought you an interview with Frysmith, the newest food truck to roll out in LA. Although they were opening Friday, I didn’t think there was any chance I could make it, due to a previous commitment. At the end of a long Friday night, I decided to check Twitter to see if there were any taco trucks to be found. I was pretty sure that Frysmith had already wrapped up, but I was still in need of some mobile foodery. As I checked Twitter, though, I found that Frysmith was still at the Brig in Abbot Kinney, so I rushed over to see if I could make it in time.

When I arrived, the shutters were up and it seemed as though I was out of luck. I went to the door and asked them if they were closed, and when they did, I just decided to say “hi” from the Unvegan. Erik, one of the owners, remembered me from the interview and said he had just one order of fries left and I could have it if I wanted. How lucky I was. I asked him for the chili cheese fries, no onions of course. He remembered my dietary needs and laughed as he went inside the truck to whip me up some fries.

In the meantime, I hung out outside the truck and was told that the night had been a big success and they were lucky to be given extra time because Kogi BBQ was running late. I figure any night you can completely sell out is pretty good night. In a few minutes my fries were ready and as I pulled out my wallet to pay, Erik told me it was on the house. I guess there are some good perks to running a blog.

The fries looked pretty awesome, covered completely with chili and cheese. Eating required a fork and some digging just to make sure you got a fry in each bite. They ended up tasting pretty good, too. They were spicier than I expected, which was nice, and the fries maintained their crunchiness at least for the first few bites. It’s always difficult to keep fries from getting soggy when they are covered with chili and although Frysmith wasn’t able to keep their fries crunchy, the soggy-ish fries still tasted quite good. These chili cheese fries were a great way to go, now I’m looking forward to the unvegan potential this food truck has.