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Kogi BBQ

This is what Mexico and Korea should look like. Don't worry, that green stuff is cilantro.
This is what Mexico and Korea should look like. Don’t worry, that green stuff is cilantro.

Over the weekend, a friend of mine enlightened me to the existence of Kogi BBQ, a Korean taco truck. The very concept of this blew my mind, in a good way. The truck’s whereabouts can be tracked via Twitter. Now I’m not entirely sure what Twitter is (perhaps a polite way to say twister without offending people with lisps?), but we found out that the truck would be outside of a bar called The Brig on Abbot Kinney that night.

We set off, and although most of my friends were looking forward to the bar, I really only cared about the taco truck.

The truck offers three different kinds of meat, short ribs, BBQ chicken and spicy pork. There may also be tofu, but it was invisible to me. These meats can come in taco or burrito form. In line, I heard that the short rib is the best, so I ordered one short rib and one chicken taco. I asked the nice woman taking the orders what came on the taco. She said it was cabbage, lettuce, onions, cilantro and meat, so I made sure to go with just cilantro and meat. Within a couple minutes, my tacos appeared, looking just as I had ordered them. At the truck, they also had a mystery unlabeled Korean sauce that I tasted, loved, and proceeded to douse my tacos with. For all I know, it could have been made with tiger milk, but it was just too good. The tacos were a great change of pace from the typical taco truck, introducing my mouth to a variety of seasonings that I had never before thought possible in taco form.

After destroying the tacos, I needed more. I chose the burrito this time, which I found out was a breakfast burrito. Once again, my mind was blown. I ordered it with the short ribs and the lovely order lady asked, “No greens or onions?” and I said, “Wow, you are amazing.” The burrito was even better than the tacos, and with the mystery sauce, it was the perfect fusion of Korea and Mexico.

I would imagine that if Korea and Mexico were ever in a conflict, both sides could eat this breakfast burrito and be at peace. Perhaps more of the world’s problems could be solved this way. Conflict between US and Japan? Sushi burgers. Between Germany and Lebanon? Chicken Schnitzel Schwarma. The possibilities for peace through food are endless.